I often hear the question, “can my vinyl get wet?”. The simple answer is yes it can. There are very few types of vinyl that cannot get wet. This question most commonly comes from Cricut vinyl users. The Cricut vinyl that Provo Craft packages is largely marketed as an indoor product. This is correct only in the sense that it will perform best indoors.

You see Cricut vinyl is Oracal 631 and yes this is an ideal indoor product. Maybe the question comes from it having a water based adhesive. I can certainly see where this may lead you to believe that it cannot get wet. However this same logic would say that many things cannot get wet. So without getting into a boring explanation of why it can get wet just know that the adhesive is not made of sugar an water is not going to hurt it unless it is constantly submerged like on a boat or submarine for example.

As far as your regular types of Cricut vinyl are concerned water is not an issue, but there is a new kid in town. This is the inkjet printable vinyl. Provo Craft does have a new printable product for the Cricut imagine. I must say I am baffled as to why this was the product they chose. It cannot get wet. The colors will run if it does get wet. The reason this baffles me is that there are inkjet printable vinyls available that are waterproof without any special steps, just print and use.

These types of inkjet printable vinyl are great for many uses. Granted they do have a much longer life span in indoor applications, but most any vinyl will hold up fine outdoors for a year or two. Plus it really doesn’t matter what the vinyl is, Cricut vinyl or otherwise, it will be compatible with your machine. This is just the nature of vinyl and vinyl cutters, they pretty much all work together.