Oracal 631 is what is known as an exhibition grade of vinyl film.  What this means is that it is specifically designed for shorter term applications.  It also has design characteristics that make it more easily removable.  It is also among the least expensive vinyl films in production.  This makes it a great product for a temporary sign where you want to be able to reuse the substrate. 

This Oracal 631 vinyl is packaged by Provo Craft for use with its line of Cricut personal electronic cutters.  It is a well suited product for your typical home décor and scrapbooking projects.  It is now becoming commonly referred to as “Cricut vinyl”, and frequently gets a connotation as “Indoor vinyl”.  Now it certainly is well suited for indoor applications, but it can withstand outdoor conditions. 

The official specifications from Oracal say that it is good for 3 years on indoor vertical applications.  Now for the real world, this particular vinyl will really last almost indefinitely on an indoor application.  It utilizes a water-based, removable adhesive.  This is to make a relatively easy to remove product that leaves behind little or no residue and won’t damage most surfaces.  This is all true within the manufacturer specs.  Now the reality is that indoors after many years if you try to remove the vinyl it will just be more likely to leave behind adhesive residue or possibly cause a little bit of damage to the substrate. 

For outdoor situations this vinyl can certainly be used.  It seams that some believe that water will destroy this vinyl.  This simply is not true.  Because of the nature of the film and the adhesive it is not the best choice for outdoor applications but it can be used.  It will only last for a couple of years depending on exposure conditions.  Two years is for something that is outside all the time.  Something that only goes outside occasionally will still have very good long term durability. 

The two things you will begin to see happen when the vinyl is done for is the edges of the vinyl will start to have a dirty looking adhesive ring around them.  The second condition is that the vinyl film itself will begin to develop cracks from expansion and contraction.  Likely the vinyl will leave behind some residue at this point.  This can easily be cleaned of with a product like goof off available at just about any home improvement or one stop shop type of store.  

So you see Oracal 631 or “Cricut Vinyl” is a great product with many uses.  It is highly versatile and can withstand more than many give it credit for.