Sure Cuts a Lot 2 

I love SCAL 2!!!  It wasn’t very long ago that a Cricut was just a bug to me. My wife had one as did my mother and the only thing I knew about them was how much it cost to support a cartridge addiction.

ENTER – Sure Cuts a Lot

I was hooked!  I took off with the Cricut the minute I realized how much fun there was to be had with this awesome newfound software.

SCAL 2 is a user friendly computer program that allows you to create images to cut out on the Cricut. It connects through a standard printer cable from your computer to the machine.


Your view is the mat and the sky is your limit. If you can draw it, you can cut it. If you can copy it, you can cut it. Basically, if you can create it, you can cut it and if you can’t we can show you how!!!

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate the use of the Selection tool and how it moves and sizes the objects. We’ll also go over Grouping and Breaking Apart and why grouping so important.


So if you have Sure Cuts a Lot and already use it, this may be a little too introductory for you. But if not, check out how cool it is. Either way, check back often and we’ll have new tips and ideas for all sorts of projects.

Happy Cutting,

Edward Cricuthands